My Work

Get in front your audience.

In this video, Danielle of Danielle Alexander Design targets her ideal client: manufacturers. This video will be an asset for Danielle for years to come— she can post it to her website and her social media, or even send it directly to prospective manufacturing clients.

Paint a (moving) picture.

It can be hard for folks to imagine themselves using a food shelf. Luckily, there’s no better way to destigmatize this service than showing it in action!

By using video, I was able to help the Waconia Food Shelf create a welcoming, friendly video that clearly explains the requirements for using the food shelf, all while showing that an average trip to the shelf doesn’t look that different from what we’re used to.

Bring your business to life.

As a vital piece of Yellow Parachute’s marketing funnel, The Wheel of Life is a self-help tool that prospective clients can download in exchange for joining Yellow Parachute’s email list.

Using animation, I was able create a graphic for the Wheel of Life, which can be posted on the brand’s website, their social media, and used in future videos. This animation can even be saved as a gif file to be used in emails, blogs, and text messages!

Spread the love.

Nothing spreads quicker than passion, and nothing captures passion quite like video.

For parents of students, Yellow Parachute Learning Partners must answer one essential question: Why pay extra for tutoring?

With veteran learning coach Tim Hereid in front of the camera, the answer is clear: because Yellow Parachute offers coaches that are passionate about helping your student— coaches like Tim.

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