Who am I, anyways?

I’m a video editor, a digital marketer, a writer, and an absolutely awful ice skater. I’m optimistic, alive, and more than a little scrappy.

My love for video production started in the 5th grade when I was given an HP Netbook Mini— a tiny brick of a computer with about a ten-pixel-resolution screen and a little ol’ program called Windows Movie Maker. It was this program that formed the foundation of my video editing knowledge. I continued producing videos in my free time all through middle and high school. And then I went to college to become a better storyteller.

At the University of Minnesota I studied English and Creative Writing. The lessons I learned as a writer expanded upon what I’d learned as a video editor: how to pace a story, how to create and maintain energy, how to frame a message. I learned these lessons well enough to be published in 2019 by The Tower , in 2020 by Trouble Child, and, excitingly, this upcoming year in The Susquehanna Review

From 2019-2020, I served as Co-Editor in Chief of The Tower, an undergraduate literary and art magazine at the University of Minnesota. I worked with the staff to form and execute an artistic vision for the 2019-2020 edition

This is where we return to video production. I’ve come a long way from Windows Movie Maker. I now use Final Cut Pro X— professional grade video editing software. It’s powerful stuff, and I can’t wait to bring it to my clients. 

Something people don’t realize about video production is just how tedious it is. Sifting through footage for the right shots. Mixing audio so that the background music comes through just enough without overpowering the narration. Syncing up cuts. Scouring the internet for copyright free material that isn’t overwhelmingly bland. Dealing with technical difficulty after technical difficulty. 

Luckily for you— and really, really, luckily for me— I love this stuff.

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